Read More Link in Drupal 8 views

Drupal Views is integrated into Core for Drupal 8.  I was excited to see this since I use views in a lot of different scenarios.  However, recently I encountered an issue that seems unusually complicated for something so trivial.  The read more link, or more specifically, linking to the content itself in the view.  I have a block that uses a fields view, and trim the summary.  I want the user to be able to quickly navigate to the full article, so I need to provide a link. 

DotNetNuke including or excluding files in a theme, skin, or module build in Visual Studio

Developing modules and themes/skins for DotNetNuke is made easy with the module/theme templates from Christoc.  I'm assuming if you're reading this article you are familiar with these templates and use them to build your modules.   If you aren't using these templates you probably aren't experiencing this issue, and this isn't the article for you.  However, you should be using these templates as it automates the packaging of your DNN modules and themes.